Mechanical Clearing and Forestry Mulching

Whether you need under brushing for line of sight, pre-construction, or routine line patrols, leak surveys, and line locating we are ready to create the space you need to access your rights-of way safely and efficiently. When it comes to maintaining or recovering the air space above your facilities for flight patrols and satellite imagery, we have various specialized dielectrically safe equipment to get us as high as the clouds.

When you partner with Sky2Ground, you will have the confidence of knowing that your rights-of way will be left in a safe, clearly delineated, and easily accessible condition. In addition to canopy reclamation, under brushing, and stump removal, we can install drainage, regrade, and bridges so that your rights-of-way are truly accessible form end to end. We also have the experience and ability to locate and reestablish Right-of-way limits.


Land clearing can involve anything from removing unwanted brush, stump removal, rock breaking to mulching entire trees.Our economic and environmentally friendly system of tree and brush mulching has a low ground pressure and site disturbance approach. Using the land mulching procedure we can reduce the need for trucking out waste by turning mulch into top soil.

We have the tools and capabilities to relocate your existing lines, accurately report and reset ROW limits, making us your end-to-end solution for all your right-of way clearing needs.

Agricultural Services

Sky2Ground is excited to partner with our local farmers and growers. Our agriculture roots run deep. Two of our owners started there working careers on the farm. We have a long and devoted connection to the land. We hunt, snowmobile, hike, camp, and play in the dirt whenever possible. We know firsthand how critical it is on a modern-day farm to maximize yield, protect increasingly expensive equipment and improve efficiencies wherever possible.

Sky2Ground speaks your langue. Whether its Vineyard Turn Down-Turn Over, Orchard Turn Down-Turn Over, clearing the edges of you crop lands to improve outer row crop quality, maintaining chopping equipment shoot angles (actually get the last few rows in the truck and not on the hood or down the side), or you simply want to protect your choppers and grain trucks from low hanging limbs, trees, and buck brush (let’s be honest, when a new Chopper can cost over a million dollars, it’s an investment worth protecting). We stand ready to deploy our trained team with the latest in clearing and masticating equipment to complete your job quickly and efficiently.

Our process is simple but proven. We provide this service as a fast and efficient way of removing plants for conversion to an alternative crop or variety. The process does not involve any haul off and returns the material directly to the soil. We thoroughly mulch the plant and grind out the root mass. Upon completion the material left behind is ready to be farmed by general cultivation equipment. This process is easily tailored to a variety of desired outcomes at a rate of up to 15 acres per day. Depending on weather and soil conditions, this can be completed throughout the year.

Agriculture that typically use our services:   

  • Crop farming

  •  Vineyards and wineries

  •  Orchards

  •  Christmas tree farms

  •  Breweries

Additional Ag services offered:

  •  Drainage and drain tiling

  •  Field accesses-culvert-rock entrance

  •  Laneways and roads

  •  Clearing and thinning hedge rows

  •  Pasture Clearing

  •  Vegetation Clearing

  •  Biomass Incorporation

Privately Owned and Association Managed Infrastructure

S2G has the tools and ability to build gravel roads resulting in comfortable driving for many years. Understanding the ground we are working on is essential in establishing the right foundation and using the right materials in the construction of the road. We bring experience and equipment to make the job happen.

The high cost of road repair has necessitated the use of machinery to clean and create drainage ditches to prevent water from standing on and seeping under road surfaces causing deterioration. This in turn creates the need for more frequent and costly road repairs. S2G can provide and effective and low cost solution to these drainage problems.


With increasingly severe weather and community needs for increased grid resilience, customers are choosing to select undergrounding to supply critical infrastructure. S2G offers seasoned professionals with experience in transitioning to underground with a variety of specialized equipment to safely complete the job with minimal property disturbance. You can count on S2G for both feeder backbone and inside development undergrounding services.

  • New underground construction

  • Joint trench/multiple utility installation

  • Overhead to underground conversions

  • Underground service installations