Land Clearing

Whether you need underbrush clearing services or tree removal in Syracuse for line of sight and pre-construction, or routine line patrols, leak surveys, and line locating, we are ready to create the space you need to access your rights-of-way safely and efficiently. When it comes to maintaining or recovering the air space above your facilities for flight patrols and satellite imagery, we have various specialized dielectrically safe equipment to get us as high as the clouds.

When you partner with Sky2Ground, you will have the confidence of knowing that your rights-of-way will be left in a safe, clearly delineated, and easily accessible condition. In addition to canopy reclamation, under brushing, and tree removal, our Syracuse mechanical clearing service team can install drainage, regrade, and bridges so that your rights-of-way are truly accessible from end to end. We also have the experience and ability to locate and reestablish right-of-way limits.

Land clearing can involve anything from rock breaking to underbrush clearing to tree removal. Our Syracuse mechanical clearing service utilizes an economic and environmentally friendly system of tree and brush mulching that has a low ground pressure and site disturbance approach. Using the land mulching procedure we can reduce the need for trucking out waste by turning mulch into topsoil.

We have the tools and capabilities to relocate your existing lines and accurately report and reset ROW limits, making us your end-to-end solution for all your right-of-way clearing needs.