Agricultural Services

Our excavation company in Syracuse is excited to partner with our local farmers and growers. Our agriculture roots run deep. Two of our owners started their working careers on the farm. We have a long and devoted connection to the land. We hunt, snowmobile, hike, camp, and play in the dirt whenever possible. We know firsthand how critical it is on a modern-day farm to maximize yield, protect increasingly expensive equipment, and improve efficiencies wherever possible. That is why we decided to offer agricultural services and drain tiling in Syracuse and beyond.

Sky2Ground speaks your language. Whether it’s Vineyard Turn Down-Turn Over, Orchard Turn Down-Turn Over, clearing the edges of your croplands to improve outer row crop quality, maintaining chopping equipment shoot angles (getting the last few rows in the truck and not on the hood or down the side), or you simply want to protect your choppers and grain trucks from low hanging limbs, trees, and buck brush (let’s be honest, when a new Chopper can cost over a million dollars, it’s an investment worth protecting). We stand ready to deploy our trained team with the latest technology to complete your clearing or drain tiling services in Syracuse quickly and efficiently.

Our process is simple but proven. We provide this service as a fast and efficient way of removing plants for conversion to an alternative crop or variety. The process does not involve any haul-off and returns the material directly to the soil. We thoroughly mulch the plant and grind out the root mass. Upon completion, the material left behind is ready to be farmed by general cultivation equipment. This process is easily tailored to a variety of desired outcomes at a rate of up to 15 acres per day. Depending on weather and soil conditions, this can be completed throughout the year. Contact us today to learn more about our agricultural, clearing, and drain tiling services in Syracuse and beyond today!

Agricultural Services

Most Common Agriculture Services:

  • Crop farming
  •  Vineyards and wineries

  •  Orchards

  •  Christmas tree farms

  •  Breweries

Additional Agricultural Services:

  •  Drainage and drain tiling

  •  Field accesses-culvert-rock entrance

  •  Laneways and roads

  •  Clearing and thinning hedgerows

  •  Pasture Clearing

  •  Vegetation Clearing

  •  Biomass Incorporation